Dr Azadeh Safarchi

WORKSHOP: Metagenomic analysis for beginners, from pre-processing to taxonomy profiling

In this workshop we will introduce tools and pipelines for pre-processing analysis of metagenomic data from quality control to host subtraction filtration. We also introduce different types of taxonomy profilers and practice to run a simple pipeline to cover all the workflow.

Keywords: Quality control- trimming, taxonomy profilers, microbial abundance analysis

Requirements: laptop, access to internet, basic knowledge of sequencing analysis and fastq raw data files, Linux, commands and bioinformatic tools (fastp, trimmomatic, BWA, Bowtie).

Relevance: This workshop is designed for students in biology/bioinformatic fields who are interested to know and practice bioinformatic pipeline to analysis metagenome data and study microbial composition of biological samples.

Dr Azadeh Safarchi

Postdoctoral fellow, School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences (BABS), UNSW

Dr Safarchi has a background in microbiology (PhD from UNSW School of BABS) and is well equipped with both wet and dry lab capacities. During her PhD and afterwards she has been working with bacterial genomic data projects including whole genome sequencing analysis, evolutionary and phylogeny analysis as well as metagenomic data analysis with several publications in high prestigious journals. Currently she is a postdoctoral fellow at VafaaeLab (Vafaeelab.com) developing a metagenomic bioinformatic pipeline for samples from cancerous patients and performing a benchmarking analysis on taxonomy profiles.